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Startup Weekend Saint John 2017

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On Sept 13th, at Five and Dime, Mayor Don Darling will be speaking as well as Entrepreneur, filmmaker, and community movement maker, Greg Hemmings and lastly, Cait Milberry, Myself will be speaking about the importance of startup weekend and why it is the world’s starting point for entrepreneurship and to showcase why it is important for New Brunswick.

Kick Off Party Event Here

We will talk about the best way of empowering others, identifying leaders in the industry and how to build a stronger community and inspire change.

The kickoff event will start at 4:30 and run till 6:30 PM and will aim to inform people about the 54-hour event, and more details surrounding it on the weekend of the 29th. Join us all for a drink and a chat after work.

Only 8 cities in Canada are hosting these events, and Saint John is now one of those cities.

The event can be found here

Tickets can be purchased here

This ecosystem of people, and expertise and sincere mentorship is truly helping empower entrepreneurs in our city and we have to keep nurturing those efforts, resources and helping others in any way we can, attending this event, is a way.

There are many accelerator programs and what this program and event are showcasing is that when participating, that they are there every stage of the way of the entrepreneurial journey.

Early stage, to funding and beyond. TechStars is a program that is a global program that truly fosters the pace of innovation with and for startups, experts, and small companies.

If you have an idea, you are welcome to pitch your idea, have conversations and receive feedback to embark on a 3 day, 54-hour frenzy, creating a business model, coding, designing, market research and validation, social media and much more to make it come to life.

Put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur and understand your part of a more sustainable New Brunswick and the world, get your ticket and support this great event and the entrepreneurs working hard to make a difference.

ICS Creative Agency is proud to be a sponsor of this event and to provide support for our clients who are part of a startup or who may be early stage, or who may need some extra expertise and feedback to really scale their idea, product or service.

Shoutout to Jeff Scammel Financial Planning and Momentum Canada for helping put this event on!

Foggy Days..

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Sometimes what we want we can see in sight but ensure we have the right tools, resources, team, and playbook in place are extremely critical before jumping ahead and encountering the storm without nothing to turn back with.

In my experience, I have been a part of a successful startup, that if it had not reached out collaboratively it would not be still in business today.

It is vital to really check in with those who do their job well and see how they can help add to your brand and service. Whether it’s a pitch deck for demo day, new infographics for trade shows, social media scheduling, the correct CRM in place, reaching out can really save you time, money and ensure efforts and marketing dollars are spent wisely and where it can convert.

I sincerely enjoy working with all industries, and diving in and researching their core value points, and how they help and engage with their client or end user. I become part of their sales and marketing team so I can fully comprehend what they do and why their customer wants it.

Working together can remove a lot of barriers to action to give you back more time to do more important things that make the business operate the best it can while ensuring the proper focus on sales and marketing is checked off.

I think in the end we all have a bit of fog brain when it comes to what our company, product or service does. We get tunnel vision. Working with creative professionals can really give you some insight you did not have before that can be extremely valuable early on in your business no matter what you do.

Get in touch with me today if you would like to chat.

If you need some assistance with creative marketing and collaboration get in touch today.