Right now I am booking workshops for small to large businesses to take a deeper dive into their sales and marketing plan. I suggest tools and ways to keep it real and for the customer or end user. Basically, I price by the project via scope of hours and or a custom package of things below.

I work to help folks get more time back to focus on the operations of the business, while I help action other vital components and work with you and your team to pull off a great campaign, social media management, event coverage, a workshop whatever it might be to help kick the business in gear.

One thing I really believe is everything we do in business should correlate back to the goal, so if you spend money on social media, make sure it is for the right reason and converts.

Package 1

Basic But So Helpful

-Deep diveĀ into your story and a 1-2 hr meeting, or workshop.




Package 2

Next Level Yo!

-Create a strategy with you and your team, Meet, Implement and content creation.


Package 3

The Custom Package baby!

This is for the folks that want barriers removed for immediate action and improvement with their brand, messaging and team.

This is custom tailored to your company needs, implemented to teach and take control of the opportunities available to you or your business.

This is for folks that need some assistance from the pros on where to position your content, press releases, Ad spends etc.

I am full of ideas and love to work with the best in my industry. From the tools to the strategy we implement, If we work together, there will be no half-ass results.

Let’s jump on a call or grab a coffee and chat šŸ™‚

Ā Services include:

Branding and Marketing Strategy





Social Media Management


Public Speaking

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