I currently offer different tiered packages. Packages can be custom tailored to your needs. A custom package might be for you if you just need components of a package or some help.  I have expanded who I work with and now offer workshops, Event Coverage, and Marketing Strategies to help bands, artists, festivals, and Conferences with public relations and content creation. Contact me and let’s do some cool shit together!

Package 1

Basic But So Helpful

Deep dive into your story and a 1hr meeting.

-Social media account creation, Branding accounts, optimizing site and accounts.

Package 2

Next Level Yo!

Create a strategy with you.

Implement Strategy, help plan and create content, social media management, public relations, plus other add-on services such as Blogging, Podcasts, copywriting, and advertising services.

Package 3

The Custom Package baby!

This is for the folks that want barriers removed for immediate action and improvement with their brand, messaging and team.

This is custom tailored to your company needs, implemented to teach and take control of the opportunities available to you or your business.

This is for folks that need some assistance from the pros on where to position your content, press releases, Ad spends etc.

I sincerely enjoy working with different varieties of companies and choose the opportunities and projects I work on to ensure I can offer the best strategy and tools and resources with their marketing dollars.

I love doing workshops, and working with other marketing teams and consultants. I love planning big events and festivals, and ensuring all the marketing is spot on with it. Contact me if you need some help with any of the above or just want to have a quick meeting.

 Services include:

Branding and Marketing Strategy





Social Media Management


Public Speaking

 Lets Chat!